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Cost of Study
Tuition fees (if applicable)
Historically, German Federal Government has been funding primary to University Education at public institution. In 2010, 5 of the 16 states of Germany charged tuition fees at state funded institutions while 11 out of the 16 states still provide tuition free of charge.
No tuition fees in some states
€ 500 for second degree or prolonged study duration
€ 500 even for the first university degree in some states
IELTS or TOEFL Score / Medium of Instruction letter from College
Look at the university portal for exact details of the tuition fee for the relevant course. This may vary even from course to course in the same University
Semester contribution
Semester contribution is to be paid by all University students depending on the services it includes. Again, this is university specific ranging from €200 to €350. Refer the respective University portal for exact information.
For an overview, semester contribution may include :
Social fees Towards social services such as Student dining halls, Student residences, athletic facilities & administrative fees
Liability insurance Covers & compensates unintentional damages to 3rd party
Student Union contribution Membership fee to the Student Union
Semester ticket This ticket permits unlimited usage of public transportation, in & around the university town. Depending on the city & range of ticket the price of this ticket may vary from € 25 to € 150
Basic living expenses Though Germany enjoys one of the highest standards of living, still the expenses are comparable to countries in Western Europe. Living expenditure depends largely on the lifestyle, city and type of accommodation. Statistically Germans spend 1/3rd of their income towards accommodation rentals. In summary, a very conservative estimate of €450 is what a student would need for an economical & modest living.

Living expenses include (Conservative estimate)
Rent & Utilities: €200
Private accommodation > €300
Shared flat or Student residence around €200
Internet & Mobile phone - €30
Mobile flat rate - €15
Internet DSL flat rate - €15
A separate section is dedicated for a detailed analysis of mobile & DSL contracts
Health insurance - €60
A separate section is dedicated for a detailed analysis of popular health insurance options
Food & Drinks - €125
Miscellaneous expenditure - €50
The above estimate does not include tuition fee, semester ticket, social contributions, travelling, allowances for dining, sports and anything except anything listed above.
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