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Focus on Germany
Focus Germany is designed as a programme of seminars with both practical and theoretical aspects. It offers specialists and students from abroad the opportunity to gain insights into the German economy, numerous specialist fields and research areas, as well as German society.

The Focus Germany programme offers the unique opportunity for interesting and stimulating exchange of knowledge and experience with representatives from German research, economics and politics, whilst at the same time making new contacts. This dialogue helps to further the harmonization of national standards in industry, economy, ecology and social services.

There is great potential for economic growth within the companies which transcend national boundaries. At the same time there is an urgent need to find mutually appropriate solutions to the global problems of our time. In order to do this, there must be open dialogue with each other. To this end, it is essential that we develop partnerships and mutual understanding. Good examples of this can already be found in economics and trade, environmental protection, technology and science. And there are similar pioneers in the fields of information technology, computer sciences, international politics, transportation and logistics.
Focus Germany can be your springboard to an increased exchange of knowledge and experience with experts from Germany.
Every programme in Focus Germany is determined by the specific interests and particular aims of the participants.
Alternatively, we will be pleased to compile a programme for you on any other area of specialization of your choice.
Each programme is individually tailored to your area of interest.
The specialist seminar programmes are structured as follows :
Length of seminar programme - generally two weeks, may be up to four weeks if required
Seminars - between 20 and 40 seminars per week, lasting 45 each
30% of the time is dedicated to teaching theoretical knowledge. An introductory seminar begins the programme with an overview of the chosen subject, outlining the current state of affairs as well as the development trends within the area of interest. A concluding seminar evaluates the newly-acquired experience and knowledge.
70% of the time is spent on visits to innovative German companies, trade fairs, intellectual exchanges and discussions with representatives at various levels
Genuine business situations are brought to life in the form of a case study
Intercultural seminars on German culture, as well as seminars on the German university system complement the specialist programme

Up to 30 participants are accepted for a group seminar programme, with two group leaders for groups of 16 or more participants.

As with all the educational programmes at EDWORLD, the Focus Germany seminar programme is designed and organized with a total experience in mind. We offer our guests a professional, comprehensive service and look after every aspect of your trip. A tutor from EURASIA is dedicated to the group, giving guidance and support.

Our service package includes
Submission of the visa application - If required, you will receive an invitation from us. In addition, we will organize the insurance required for the visa application.
Seminars - 20 classes per week of seminars (including study materials) and visits to/tours of specialist facilities
Interpreter - Application fee and accommodation must be paid for any accompanying interpreters. Otherwise, the programme is free of charge for them.
Excursions per week - 2 half-day excursions (of 4 hours each) and one full-day excursion (inclusive of entrance fees and guided tours)
Leisure activities - will be organized on an individual basis for each group according to their preferences.
Accommodation - 7 days/6 nights’ accommodation, half-board. All types of accommodation are available.

Transfer - to and from the airport (for an extra charge).
Our specialist seminar programmes, Focus Germany are designed for experts and managerial staff as well as students in their third year or above.

For third-year (or above) students - practical course
Two weeks' duration
Experience abroad
International exchange of experience
Possible recognition of credit points gained on the course by your home university

For final-year university students - research and practical seminar
Two to four weeks' duration
Collection of data and material for student's dissertation/thesis
Short experience abroad
International exchange of experience
Concluding with specialist project work
Possible recognition of credit points gained on the course by your home university

For experts and managerial staff - corporate programmes
Generally 1 week duration
Continuing professional development at international level
Exchange of knowledge and experience
Making new international contacts and networking

Contact us for more information on our Focus Germany seminars

we look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to advise you further.
Every programme in the Focus Germany series is unique, and determined by the specific interests and particular aims of the participants.

Our programmes are designed to present the innovative and forward-looking aspects of German economics and society, as well the most recent achievements in branches of German industry and technology. Particular emphasis is placed on environmental issues and sustainability, as well as the social responsibility of corporations in the 21st century.

A selection of some of our programmes :
Automobile Industries like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen etc
Architecture: Building and maintenance in urban development in Germany
Banks, stock exchange and finance in Germany
The German education system (dual system of vocational training, the school system, universities)
Chemical industry in Germany
Retailing in Germany
Catering and restaurant management
Culture & event management in Germany
Management in engineering in Germany
Media, communications & journalism in Germany
Intellectual property rights in Germany
Social work in Germany

In addition to the above, we will be pleased to put together a group programme according to your individual specifications.

Contact us for more information on our Focus Germany seminars we look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to advise you further
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