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Medicine, Dentistry, Veterianary medicine, Pharmacy in Germany
Medicine & Pharmacy in Germany
Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy studies in Germany are of greatest standards and widely acclaimed for their quality and advanced research. The Medical Universities of Germany are among top best universities of the World.

German universities have reserved approximately 8% of Staatsexamen in Medicine equivalent to Doctorate in Medicine (MD) and Staatsexamen in Pharmacy equivalent to Bachelors in Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy) seats for foreign students. Yet every university follow their own selection criteria and there is no defined procedure.
Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements for Medicine (Human Medicine, Dentistry) and Pharmacy
Completion of Higher Secondary Studies or Pre-university Studies in the relevant subjects
If the student has appeared for Entrance Examination for Higher Studies, he is directly qualified   for the course, else you need to take up a preparatory course.
DSH (German Certification for University Studies) Certification / TESTDAF Level 4.
More than 70 % marks in 12th std for medicine, Dentistry &  65 % marks for Pharmacy
Course Language
Unfortunately only German, therefore it is mandatory the candidates willing to study Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy studies in Germany needs to proficient in German.
Duration of Courses
1. Medicine:  2 Year (Foundation College) + 6 Years and 3 Months (Medicine)
German Language & Foundation College
German language 7.5 month from A1 to C1 level at Eurasia institute, Berlin
Studienkolleg 1 year at foundation college for medicine
Structure of regular degree courses in medicine (Medicine: 6 Years and 3 Months)
Semester Practical training, courses and seminars Additional achievements

Scientific basis of medicine :
Physics, chemistry and biology for doctors Physiology, biochemistry /molecular biology, anatomy Medical psychology and medical sociology Introduction to clinical medicine (with case presentations), introduc­tion to careers in medicine, medical terminology

First-aid course
3 Nursing service 3 month
Intermediate Examination in Medicine
Part 2
Semester Practical training, courses and seminars Additional achievements
5 General clinical studies; pathology, microbiology and immunology, pharmacology and toxicology, hu­man genetics, radiology, biomath­ematics and others Clinical elective 4 months
7 Practical-clinical training in all major clinical sub-disciplines (general medicine, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, ophthal­mology, urology, orthopedics etc.) and interdisciplinary subjects (epidemiology, history and ethics, emergency medicine, health eco­nomics and health care, preventive medicine, radiography and others)

Clinical year (48 weeks) at a teaching hospital or university hospital : 16 weeks each in internal medicine and surgery, as well as in either general medicine or another clinical-practical discipline

Final Examination in Medicine
2. Dentistry :  6 Years and 3 Months
German language 7.5 month from A1 to C1 level at Eurasia institute, Berlin
Studienkolleg 1 year at foundation college
6 Year  
3. Pharmacy:  4 Years
German language 7.5 month from A1 to C1 level at Eurasia institute, Berlin
Studienkolleg 1 year at foundation college for Pharmacy
4 Year  
Many universities of Germany offer courses for winter (Sept/Oct) and summer (Mar/Apr) Semesters.
Tuition Fees
Many of the universities offer Medicine and Pharmaceutical studies for free. And some universities have a tuition fee of 500 € per semester.
Depending upon the university, a minimal 70 – 200 € should be paid towards Semester registration and Semester ticket. Semester ticket allows free travel in the complete region where the university is based and accident insurance.
Other Costs
Depending upon the city where the university is based, the cost of living varies from 600-650 € per month which includes Accommodation costs and other living costs (Health Insurance, Telephone, Food etc). Local Transport Costs are covered by Semester ticket.
Why Germany for Indian Students?
  Germany Russia China
Recognition MD Courses recognized by Medical Council of India Not recognized Not recognized
Standards Highest Standards comparable to AIIMS, JIPMER    
Donations No Donations Approx 5 lacs INR Approx 7 lacs INR
Tuition Fees per Year 0 -1000 € (0 – 55,000 INR) Approx 2 lacs INR Approx 1.5 lacs INR
Living Costs per Year Approx 2 lacs INR Approx 1.5 – 2 lacs INR Approx 1 – 1.5 lacs INR
Student Jobs 20hrs/Week (approx 8-15 € per hour) 45,000 INR per month No Student Jobs No Student Jobs
Internships Minimum 60,000 INR per month Not more than 10,000 -15, 000 INR per month Not more than 10,000 INR per month
Career Prospects Anywhere in Europe Russia only China only
Average Salary per Year 30 lacs INR 12 – 15 lacs 12 lacs
Job Opportunities
Students are allowed to work part-time during study and full time during the vacation after obtaining from the respective office also know as the Arbeitsamt and the income from which is generally enough to cover the living cost
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